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Frequently Asked Questions

The books in the Available Here category are books I have published myself as IAM Publishing. I have full copyright and publishing rights to these books.

The Other Works books were published by Kensington Publishing, and although I hold the copyright, Kensington still holds the publication and sales rights. These books are available through online retailers such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Kobo, etc.

After selecting “Checkout,” you’ll see the payment screen. When that process is complete, there will be a message from Bookfunnel in the mailbox you entered during the checkout process. The subject line will read “Here is your copy of [the book you ordered] by Robin Reardon.” Click on the first link in that message. 

Information about the book will display. Click “Get my book” and select one of the device options in the “What do you like to read on” box.

 Next you’ll see a list of formats. Select the format you prefer; alternatively, you can choose to have the file emailed to you.

Unless you selected email, your ebook will download automatically. 

Reply to the message from Bookfunnel, and they will help you resolve the problem.