On the Kalalau Trail
On the Kalalau Trail

On the Kalalau Trail

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Self-discovery. Sounds simple, right? After all, you’re already there. You’re already you. So it can surprise us that it takes so much time, and so much effort. It surprises Nathan Bartlett.

In the first Trailblazer book (On Chocorua), Nathan’s adored older brother had died a tragic death. Two years later, during this second book, his grandmother—who’d raised her three grandchildren alone since Nathan was a baby—passes on as well.

Nathan realizes he hadn’t really known the people he’d loved. So he goes on a quest, searching for connections he hadn’t known how to make in life. Part of Nathan’s journey is a physical one, a hike promoted by Conroy Finnegan of Finnegan’s Walks.

Conroy is sexy, very masculine, and charismatic—a rolling stone with no moss, a gypsy rover, leading a life with no strings attached, and he seduces Nathan in more ways than one. His invitation is irresistible:

“Come experience a place where the physical and the spiritual are one. A place where magic happens, where the very names are magical: Na Pali. Ho’olulu. Waiahuakua. Hanakoa. Hanakāpīʻai. Nathan, come to Kaua’i.”

Conroy leads Nathan to paradise and lets him find his own way back. Nathan begins his journey as a searcher. On the way he becomes a seeker. These states of mind are different. And neither is in itself the end of Nathan’s journey.

Walk with him.

On the Kalalau Trail can be read alone or enjoyed as part of Nathan’s story. Book 1 of the Trailblazer series is On Chocorua. Book 3 is On the PrecipiceAll three books can be purchased together. Trailblazer Series

“While Nathan's story falls into the coming-of-age category, "On the Kalalau Trail" is better labeled as an intense character study, influenced by nature, travel, grief, lust, and youthful ambition. The author describes his mountainous adventures with colorful, intricate detail, and his voice and thoughts are equally indicative of Nathan's fledgling disposition. With another volume forthcoming, Reardon leaves us breathlessly anticipating whatever further adventure and excitement awaits Nathan.”
(Christopher Verleger, Edge Media Network)

“Once again, Reardon gives us a multi-layered story that I think will provoke a different reaction in everyone who reads it. There is a sense of Nathan being that “everyman” type of character who touches a core within each of us.”
(Sammy Goode, Joyfully Jay Reviews)

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