On the Precipice
On the Precipice

On the Precipice

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Trust. It’s a precious commodity. Nathan Bartlett is looking for someone to trust—someone he can give his heart to, someone he can trust not to drop it. He’s ready to love and be loved.

He’s lost so much love already. First his parents, then his adored older brother Neil, and finally the grandmother who’d raised him. All but his enigmatic sister Nina are gone. He’s had his fill of relationships that go nowhere, men who’ve led him astray emotionally and on the mountains he climbs in memory of Neil.

Nathan has followed enough trails, from Maine to Hawai’i. It’s time to blaze his own. When he does, it leads him to a man who lives life using a wheelchair, a man whose fall from a mountain means he’ll never hike again. Nathan finds himself on a precipice, and only trust will help him now.

On the Precipice can be read alone or enjoyed as part of Nathan’s story. Book 2 of the Trailblazer series is On the Kalalu Trail. Book 1 is On Chocorua. All three books can be purchased together. Trailblazer Series

“While I would argue Precipice is the most haunting and powerful entry, the entire trilogy is wholly inspirational, fulfilling, and unforgettable.”
(Christopher Verleger, EdgeMedia Network)

“Author Robin Reardon pens an excellent, thought-provoking novel, with depth and understanding. Though this is the third book in the series involving Nathan, I read it first. I can’t wait to go back and read the first two. Outstanding. Deep. Thoughtful. Realistic.”
(Bill Mathis, author of The Rooming House Diaries)

“Reardon’s prose is gorgeous, and the way she handles what the two men deal with is amazing. She always surprises with her originality and her emotional writing. I am sad to see the series end, but if I know Robin, there is still much more to come. I anxiously await whatever she writes.”
(Amos Lassen Reviews: Best of 2020)

“The author once again shows a deep and sympathetic understanding of difficult subjects and she doesn’t shy away from the hard parts. Occasionally, a book comes along that makes you think deeply about yourself. ... a heart-warming love story that doesn’t make it easy for either character.”
(Cheryl Headford, Love Bytes Reviews)

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