On Chocorua
On Chocorua

On Chocorua

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A mountain. A blizzard. A young man new to hiking and to love, making mistakes in both.

First year of college is a great time to re-invent yourself. Nathan Bartlett takes the opportunity very seriously—maybe a little too seriously. And he makes mistakes.

His mistakes? Falling for a straight guy who reminds him of his beloved older brother. Getting too invested in the substance abuse disorders of two other students. And climbing a mountain in a snowstorm for all the wrong reasons.

But he also develops friendships that will be his for life. He faces his inner demons and comes up with a plan. And he realizes that answers to important questions are seldom waiting on the surface but must be worked for, or struggled for, or suffered for—and sometimes all three.

Nathan is a trailblazer on his own journey. His success will be measured not by how well he follows someone else's path, but by whether he can forge his own. This first book in a series of three novels gets Nathan started on a journey that will teach him about himself, about life, and about love.

Walk with him.

On Chocorua can be read alone or enjoyed as part of Nathan’s story. Book 2 of the Trailblazer series is On the Kalalau Trail. Book 3 is On the Precipice. All three books can be purchased together. Trailblazer Series

“Reardon is the kind of writer whose words stay with you long after the read is over. We might not realize it, but by reading this book we are learning a lot about who we really are.”
(Amos Lassen Reviews; On Chocorua is on Lassen’s Best LGBT Books of the Year for 2019.)

“One if the reasons I gravitate to Robin's writing so much is the depth of emotion she can make her characters convey. I felt Nathan's pain in this book like it was my own, and it made me ache for him. Like me you will be so happy to get your hands on book 2 of this series!”
(Rebecca Mattocks, BikeBook Reviews)

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